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Posted: March 25th, 2014

Thanks for sending in YOUR PHOTOS! Submissions can be emailed to:

Johnson skating his Street Axe:
Street Axe

Young Elephant Army members wearing homemade shirts:
Homemade Shirts

Adolfo loves his Street Axe:
Street Axe

Carl’s Elephant collection:

Thomas from Amsterdam with his Noside board:

Drago and Zdravko from Sofia, Bulgaria with their Jersey Devil and Jason Adams Hold Fast:
Jersey Devil and Holdfast

Kent from Sweden with his Circus Train OG:
Circus Train

Joash with his Street Axe at The Works Skatepark in Leeds:
Street Axe

Noble with his My War board:
My War

Richard from KY wearing his Warrior shirt:
Warrior Shirt

Mike from Australia with his Street Axe:
Street Axe

Stone with his Elephant boards:
Elephant Boards

Elephant Armory 006

Posted: March 11th, 2014

Elephant Armory Outpost Workshop in Manaus, Brazil has the goods… Shops hashtag your Elephant Skateboards photos on Instagram with #ElephantArmory and email them to to be included on our website, Instagram and Facebook feeds. Thanks for your support!




Posted: February 12th, 2014

Thanks for sending in YOUR PHOTOS! Submissions can be emailed to:

Paul and Phil at the Factory Bowl Düsseldorf, Germany:
Dimebag & Mini Axe

Adam and Cole with their Board #1:
Board #1

Scott and Gemma from the UK with their signed Elephant boards:
Board #1 & Logo

Giulliano skating his Street Axe:
Street Axe

Rich with his signed Board #1:
Board #1

Travis pole jammin his Street Axe in front of the Nashville skyline:
Street Axe

Arne, Alex, and Jens from Vienna, Austria with their Elephant boards:
Vienna, Austria

Paul from Dundalk, MD with his Street Axe:
Street Axe

Alexander with his Street Axe:
Street Axe

Eric from France skating his Jersey Devil:
Jersey Devil

New Boards

Posted: February 7th, 2014

Our new boards are all now in our warehouse and available from our online store. You can view all of the current and available boards by going to our product page. Now is the time!!! Ask your local shop to carry and support Elephant Brand Skateboards!!! Thanks for your continued support!

The Street Axe: Back in Black!

Black Axe

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